Being a new mum is all about spending time with your baby – snuggles, cuddles and just getting to know each other. Unfortunately we can’t snuggle on the couch forever – someone will have to do the dishes and put a new load of laundry on, which is when it would be really handy if you could just put your little bubba down for a nap or have her/him chill on their own.

This is where the baby nest comes in – Baby nest is a little bed like nest that can be used anywhere in the kitchen, living room, bedroom etc – the babynest has a strong cardboard hard base and a firm mattress for extra support. This gives the the babynest enough of a frame so it can be used pretty much anywhere you need.

Easy to transport & store

The baby nest can be used on the couch, floor or anywhere you want really. It also comes with 4 carry straps for easy transport and a carry bag for actual travelling – or for storage when you need to put your baby nest away in between babies.

The babynest also has hidden YKK zippers that allow the cover to be removed and machine washed. All you need to do is unzip the zippers, remove the side cushioning, bottom mattress and the cardboard base and you are ready to wash the cover!

Having your baby close by

Everyone loves the early days of bringing home a new baby, but we still need to move on with the rest of our lives as well. The babynest will allow you to do just that – put your baby down for a nap without having to leave him/her in another room. This way you can do your housework, prepare your next meal or even just get some “me”-time while still keeping an ete on your little bub.