An asset with high price that can be bought and sold in a quick time frame is attractive to cash launderers. Typical assets encompass Art, Precious Metals, Real Estate, Cars.

Money laundering however isn’t limited to those kinds of assets. Casinos (such as on line casinos) is any other popular technique for cash laundering, as well as using on-line electronic payments along with PayPal and E-Bay. Secondary trading in Endowment guidelines and policies that provide a cooling off period are just as prone.

Examples of products and services with inherent threat encompass –

* Private Banking
* Correspondent Banking
* Structured Finance
* Commodities
* Complex transactions
* Services regarding banknote and precious metal buying and selling and shipping
* Services supposed to render a purchaser anonymous* Products which permit / facilitate payments to 1/3 parties
* Internet primarily based products or products that facilitate clean non head to head get entry to

The Financial Markets are broadly used by launderers. The securities and derivative markets – both of which can offer blurred audit trails – are rumoured to be a automobile of first desire for the greater state-of-the-art launderer.

Structured products which are complicated and contain offshore transactions are some other favored, as too are Over-The-Counter products that are negotiated privately between two events and traded with out going through an change.

money laundering

Professionals inclusive of Brokers, Accountants and Lawyers, are frequently utilized by launderers to facilitate the placement of illicit proceeds into the economic device. A professional representing the launderer’s business permits the launderer to in addition distance themselves from their grimy funds. In that situation the professional may additionally purposely or unwittingly be appearing as a “gatekeeper” for the launderer.

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Kerry has worked with the financial marketplace regulators in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Kerry was an Assistant Vice President and Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer for the Bank of New York in London. After leaving the Bank of New York she joined the Commonwealth Bank of Australia because the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manager within the Wholesale Division. Kerry now operates a anti-cash laundering consultancy practice in Australia and New Zealand. She holds a Diploma in Financial Markets, an International Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering, is a Certified AML Specialist and has a Fellowship with the Society of Anti-Money Laundering Professionals.

She has over 15 years analytical revel in and become previously a Financial Crime Expert for the Insurance Division of the Financial Services Authority inside the UK. She has investigated go border cash laundering and is experienced in supplying proof in Local Court and High Court jury trials. Formerly an Associate Regulator, Kerry worked closely with medium to large length businesses (both indexed and unlisted), assessing their exposure to operational threat, regulatory hazard and economic crime risk. Where there have been weaknesses she organized mitigation plans. These plans mentioned the stairs the agencies had to comply with if you want to bridge the recognized gaps. During this manner she liaised carefully with CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers.